We at Trilogy knows that your event is a big deal so we invest heavily in top shelf professional equipments that will deliver quality sound. We test all our equipments before every event to ensure that they are in peak condition. We provide up to 6 microphones for every event and always have a back-up system on hand.


Our B52 system can cover an area for up to 400 guest.

The mini B52 covers an area for up to 200 guest. It can support up to 5 microphones so It’s great for Ceremony and Cocktail applications.

We use professional Pioneer CD Players with a MAC Book pro along with state of the art DJ software to deliver quality MP3 sound. We generally don’t use CD’s to avoid scratching or itching during your event.

All of our microphones are comparable to the ones used by music professionals such as major recording artists and MC’s so your guests will never miss those special announcements or toasts.




Chauvet Vue III

The Galaxy 2

Chauvet Swarm



ADJ Gobo Machine


Fog Machine


Live Bands