Michael W (Mikey Wiz)

Michael is one of the most technically talented guys you will ever meet. With a strong background in computers and system setup, Michael makes sure that your special day flows without a hitch. At every event he is onsite to ensure that our all system delivers clean crisp sounds. He is always alert and works closely with the venue staff to bring your special day to its fullest potential. Even though Michael is our tech genius don’t let that fool you. He also has over 30 years of DJ experience and has played at weddings, parties, corporate events and church functions; it’s no wonder he earned the name “Mikey Wiz”.

Stafford U (Jr. Chemist)

Stafford is not your average DJ. A former club DJ and Radio personality, Stafford has earned a reputation for bringing the party to life. He has worked with some of finest DJ’s in the business and has played at events in multiple states along the northeast corridor. Stafford has over 15 years of experience and is no stranger to playing for large audiences. When it comes to music selection only one word comes to mind…exceptional!

Kerry Ann R (Kerry)


Claude H (Howie)

Claude is our lighting expert who brings your event to life with elegant lighting. An experienced lighting technician, Claude knows how to set the ambiance at your event so that you and your guests feel at home. He knows that your guests will fill the dance floor if the dance floor has that feel-good mood. So he makes sure that when it’s time to party, the lighting is just right for you and your guest to dance the night away! So whether it’s up-lighting, Monogram or just basic lighting to compliment the setting at your event, Claude is the one who makes it a reality.